Daisy Tattoos and Their Meanings

Flowers are a common tattoo design choice for women. They depict beauty, femininity, and flatter the female figure. Daisy tattoos, although less common than other flower tattoos, can be found in a variety of colors and designs. Daisies can project both ancient and personal meanings. While some women choose the daisy for one or more of its many meanings, others may choose it for its gentle beauty.

Daisy Tattoos ImageDaisies can be integrated into many different artistic designs. The most common designs of daisy tattoos are a chain of daisies, a single flower, or among a bouquet of many flowers. A chain of daisies is when four or more daisies are tattooed in a line. A single flower is often accompanied by an additional detail such as a bird or a bee. Daisies are great additions to flower bouquets, and they are frequently bundled with tulips, roses, and orchids.

The daisy shows up in ancient mythology and in early religious art. In Roman mythology, a nymph dancing in a patch of orchards turned herself into a daisy to evade the constant watch of the orchard god. In early Christian art, the daisy was often used to portray the innocence and purity of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. Occasionally, the tattoo of a daisy can be a symbol of ancient culture.

The different colors of daisies in tattoos are not only to satisfy a specific look, but also to represent a particular meaning. The classic white petal daisy with a yellow center symbolizes innocence. Red daisies often represent boldness and energy. Blue daisies are associated with feelings and emotions. Lastly, yellow daisies represent intelligence and cheerfulness. Tattoos of daisies can be found in any color, however, and can mean anything the person with the tattoo desires.

Daisies are a great choice for a tattoo for their timeless nature. Daisies and other flowers will never go out of style. With any tattoo, be sure to explore all the available options and designs to ensure satisfaction in your tattoo, as tattoos are permanent. Daisy are very flattering and offer positive symbolism. Whether you are looking for your tattoo to have special meaning or simply look beautiful, daisy tattoos could be the right choice for you.

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