Delicate and Primitive, Down-to-Earth and Sky-Bound: The Feather Tattoo

When cave men and women decided to decorate themselves, one of the first materials that came to hand would have been feathers. Feathers didn’t require digging in the ground, like diamonds: feathers would have simply fallen to the earth, a gift of nature. What could be more inspiring? Even if man couldn’t fly, his spirit could soar, and feathers would have let those early men and women associate themselves their feathered friends. So it’s no surprise that people today looking for an inspiring, beautiful, but less common image to add to their bodies might choose feather tattoos.

Feather Tattoos ImageWith their wispy tendrils and sensuous curves, feathers can be delicate and lacy or bold and vibrant, depending on the design and colors. Black is a fine choice for feather tattoos, but of course there are so many other choices: reds, purples, blues, greens, multicolored peacocks.

Clusters of feathers can be effective, and feathers that merge into birds in flight are a popular design. Since feathers can also be quills, writers or artists might find feathers especially meaningful body art.

Where on the body does a feather look best? With their strong vertical lines, feathers are well suited to many parts of the body: arms or wrists, calves, feet, or ankles, right along the spine, the upper rib cage or side of the neck. Since feathers can also be curved, they can trace the sweep of a breast or accent other curvy body parts. For those with a strong sense of humor, consider placing a feather on a ticklish spot. Since real feathers can be used as jewelry, consider having a feather tattooed where you might really put a feather: dangling from your ear, hanging from a tattooed ankle bracelet or a chain around the neck.

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking flight, a feather tattoo can make your dream part of your daily reality. Feather tattoos are also a great way for free spirits to inspire others to let their thoughts and ambitions take flight. Their natural beauty makes feathers an obvious choice for body art. If you choose a feather for your tattoo, you’ll be joining a tradition that surely goes back to the dawn of human history.

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