Diamond Expressions Through Tattoos

A diamond tattoo is very popular in men and women and can be inked on any part of the body. The diamond design comes in a variety of sizes and different colors. The tattoo can be designed with a wide variety of symbols, which can be around the diamond to create more meaning.

In the Greek culture the meaning of the word diamond symbolizes invincibility. This meaning was generated because it is an indestructible earth metal that is created under tremendous amounts of pressure. The diamond symbol in other cultures symbolizes immunity to destruction and everlasting protection in past, present and future life.

Diamond Tattoo ImageThe diamond represents even more meaning in this generation such as faithfulness, love, purity, innocence, strength and wealth. When a diamond is formed it looks very rough on the outside layer, until after it is smoothed and polished. With this miraculous change it gives a significant meaning such as a transformation or event altering an individual’s life.

Some of the tattoos are designed with very few colors and bold lines. This gives the tattoo an elegant and timeless look on any part of the body. Additions that can be added are famous or personal quotes in a ribbon, banner, inside or outside the diamond. This style creates an even more symbolic and unique personal meaning.

Inked diamonds are also used to represent an individual’s month of birth. One of the most popular designs inked on women is the diamond and rose signifying everlasting love. In men the most popular designed inked on the body has the diamond with a crown signifying wealth and strength. In a lot of women a tattoo of a diamond
is believed to create more beauty to the body while men choose a more masculine design to give more of a strength or powerful meaning.

The diamond symbol signifies many different meanings, because of this it will depend on an individual as to what their diamond will represent. A diamond comes in a variety of styles to choose from and can have personal designs added on as well. A diamond tattoo is an excellent choice, especially when someone wants to represent several personal meanings.

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