Express It With A Latin Tattoo

Latin Tattoo ImageLatin is an antiquated international language; considered dead but oftentimes romanticized. Notwithstanding, Latin is the root, or the basis of most languages, and it is becoming very popular in the world of body art. The Latin tattoo has become quite fashionable as a means for conveying a statement of cryptic meaning for the wearer. Oftentimes the lettering of the Latin tattoo allows the individual to be discreet by using foreign text to create meaning. Using a foreign language in the form of a script tattoo offers an enigma and a definite statement of faceless wisdom.


By searching the internet there are hundreds of Latin tattoo samples from great examples and ideas to spelling failures including those that are pure nonsense verse. That also brings up a very important issue. Before you are inked up, make sure that what is permanently tattooed actually means something and is the true interpretation. There are many standard examples to choose from that people ink on that means absolutely nothing!

Latin is a very complex language and one wrong letter can change the meaning of the sentence or quote as a whole. A good example of a popular quote misinterpretation is, “To diminish me will only make me stronger”, but unfortunately, most of the tats true meaning turns out to be, “As who I’m wearing away for myself, I only set down on myself, strong man.” You must do your research or seek with someone knowledgeable in the romance languages before you put it to ink.

After you determine on what precisely you wish to communicate, perform the research on the translation, make sure you assign a script that will look suitable. One thing you should remember, and that is after a line is inscribed it will enlarge somewhat, so do not pick a script with too many extra curlicues or intricate designs where the lines will be too close together. If that is the case, they may intermix creating a blurred appearance rather than a nice distinguishable designed tattoo.

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