Extreme Body Mofication, How Far Would You Go?

You have to ask yourself, how far would you go to express yourself? Each person will have different answers.Some would be happy with a basic navel piercing, others feel the need to take it to a whole new level.
Extreme body modification has been used in different cultures for many years, some stretch their ears to amazing sizes, some their lips, some even stretch the neck or shrink their feet.
This is a common practice within their heritage and is well-respected by them. In the mainstream world some people have adapted the practices to enhance their personal modification.Some of the images on this page will cause some people to lose their lunch or quiver with fear, Others will see it and be inspired by it.
Extreme Body Modification ImageMany cultures consider this as a right of passage, if the teenager is able to withstand the pain and challenge of the modification, they will be able to face adulthood.
So why has it been seen in today’s mainstream culture? People want to be different and seen as individuals. I have my ears stretched to an inch, this took me years to achieve and I am happy where I am at, others feel the need to go big like 3 inches or get internal implanted devices or objects.
Weird Body Modifications ImageEar stretching or gauging is becoming a very big thing for teenagers and adults , I have had mine at my size for over 15 years already and I was looked at as a freak back then. Now I fit in and no one even looks at me strange. This is because society is becoming more adapt to the ideas of free thinking and self-expression. I can wait to see what the future holds in 20 years and what is considered to be extreme then. Will today’s oddities and extreme body mods seem like nothing then? I guess we will have to wait and see.

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