Family Tattoo Ideas That Make Sense

What are Family Tattoos?

A family tattoo is a tattoo that you get to honor someone in your family. This could be your mother, father, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or anyone in your family you want to honor. To tattoo yourself with this kind of tattoo shows a commitment and love that goes far beyond the normal family bonds. This means that this person has raised you, mentored you, or have given you guidance and you want to go beyond the simple thank you or appreciation that is usually given to a family member.


Family Tattoo Ideas ImageThe most popular family tattoo is that of your good old mother. MOM has been tattooed on most of the bodies that have ink. She raised you, taught you right from wrong, put food in your mouth, and a roof over your head. To show the utmost respect for you mother you can get a tattoo of just her name (mom, mother, and even mommy) on your shoulder or forearm. Mom will always be there for you, even though you might disagree every once in a while, and she will be delighted to see the way you honor her.


Your dad could be the object of your admiration. Not many people have ‘dad’ tattooed on them, but you can find out something that you admire in your dad or something that you and your dad has done together. You might get the military insignia of the service your dad served under, or you might want to get a tattoo of a club or job your dad has held. Honoring your father is not as hard as you would think. Talk to your dad to get ideas and together you can choose a tattoo that both you and he will find fitting as a tribute.


Though some do not get along, siblings like your brother or sister can be a part of your family tattoo ideas. Though ideally if they are alive, a passed sibling can be honored with a tattoo of their name and birth and death years. The living tribute will be with you forever to remind you of the brother or sister you loved. The sibling, if alive, can be honored also. You can have their name tattooed as a stand-alone tattoo or you can embed it in a design that you like or what your sister or brother likes. It is just a symbol of the love you have with each other.

Close Friends

Sometimes close friends can be like a brother or a sister and you can use family tattoo ideas for them also. Lifelong friends are rare and it is nice to have a tattoo to remember them by when they move away or you are separated by some life event. A friendship tattoo can be a whole tattoo dedicated to your friend or you can get half a tattoo. The other half would be tattooed on you friend. When you are together, the tattoo is whole. When you are apart, the tattoo will remind you of your friend.


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