Family Tattoo: One for All and All for One

If you have a tight family, you know that each member of the family has the other’s back. Family comes first in most people’s eyes and without family, life just is not whole. You can show your love and respect for family by getting a family tattoo. There are several types of family tattoos. These can represent the heritage or cultural background of the family or they can represent the bond the family holds.

The Irish Tattoo

A Celtic tattoo can express one’s Irish heritage. In Ireland, family is everything and you are known by the family you come from, not as an individual. The Celtic tattoo can expand this thought as a symbol of the Irish culture. Not only is family a huge part of the Irish culture, the Irish race is also considered family also. The tattoo could be in the design of a Celtic cross or Gaelic quotes and sayings.

A Japanese Family Tattoo

Japanese Family Tattoo ImageThe symbol for family in Japanese is usually written in Kanji. Out of the three alphabets in the Japanese language (Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji), Kanji is the preferred use for the word ‘family.’ Other Japanese tattoos are usually written in Katakana if it is a concept or word, but most are the Chinese symbols that were adopted by the Japanese. The family tattoo for Japan is Ka-Zoku. Ka means home or family and zoku means a clan, family or group. Other tattoos the represent family are individual family members. There are symbols for father, brother, sister, and the ever popular, mom.

An Italian Family Tattoo

Like the Irish, Italians are big on family. Most of the family gatherings are at the main meal. The mothers and sisters cook all day and the men come home from work to enjoy not only the food and wine, but the other family members. Italian family tattoos can come in many designs. Most are tied to the Catholic Church, but some have a simple word in Italian, La Famiglia or family.

An All American Family Tattoo

Family Tattoo ImageAmerican family tattoos tend to lend more to the patriotic side of things. In America, God, family, and country all combine to make one fiercely proud of their country. Even the words, God, family, and country are used as tattoos under patriotic designs of the American flag, a military tattoo, or even that of an eagle. The more rural the family, the more diverse the tattoo can be. Tattoos of tractors, guns, hunting, and fishing can be blended with the idea of family and traditional, country values.
No matter what family or heritage you come from, wearing a family tattoo is honoring not only the family, but the idea of family. If you are considering a family tattoo, get you family involved and each member can have input or you can get a tattoo for every member of the family. Most artists will give discounts for group tattoos and this could be a gift that each family member will appreciate.

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