Finding Butterly Tattoo Designs

Getting butterfly tattoo designs done for your body can be a very fun and creative way to express yourself. This is a popular design, because there are an innumerable amount of butterfly species out there. Each of them have their own unique color scheme and wing shape. This means that you can get a butterfly tattoo that will be truly unique and interesting to people. You can also choose to integrate a butterfly in to a more elaborate or ornate design for your tattoo. This can allow you to get the perfect butterfly tattoo, which provides symbolism and meaning for you.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs ImageYou should first think about checking out some butterfly tattoo designs that other people have had done before. Many tattoo parlors will have galleries of images of the tattoos they have done. They will likely have done this kind of work before, so ask to see how it turned out. This could provide you with the inspiration that you need to design your own butterfly tattoo art. It could also help you visualize how it will turn out and let you know whether you should change up a few things. The tattoo artist may even be able to sketch out a general concept drawing of what you want to do for your tattoo.

There are a few visual effects that you might want to integrate in to your butterfly tattoo art work. You can opt to include patterns and other shapes by the butterflies, which will help create a mural look. This may make it look more like a painting, which could be appealing to some people. You could also add in some motion lines or patterns that would make the butterfly look like its in motion. Think about whether you may also want to add in some shading, since this could help the butterfly look more realistic.

Finally, you could also incorporate your butterfly in to a number of other figures for your tattoo. Some people might also want to get a fairy tattoo or a flower integrated in their butterfly tattoo designs. There are even tattoo artists that can take butterfly wings and transpose them on to the back of a fairy. This could add a bit of creativity and make the design more unique for who you are. Talk to your tattoo artist to help generate some ideas for what could be done, they may be a wealth of information.

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