First Tattoo Ideas For Women

You have thought about it for a long time and now it is time to do it. It is time to get your first tattoo. You have probably talked to friends and know that a tattoo is something that has to be considered carefully. Not only will that tattoo be with you for life, but the first tattoo should be something special. Here are a few first tattoo ideas that will might inspire:

First Tattoo Ideas; Make It Simple

First Tattoo Ideas Foot ImageWhen you are getting your first tattoo, make it simple. This is a new experience for you and you might not like that experience. Make sure it is small and that it is something that you really want. A simple flower, a lady bug, or a name might be all you need to get started. As you learn about tattooing, you can get more complex and get bigger and more intricate tattoos.


First Tattoo Ideas Back ImageWhere are the body do you want that tattoo? This is something that you should really look at. Of course you want to show off that tattoo to friends and family, but sometimes showing off the tattoo could be inappropriate. You would want to make sure that clothing naturally covers the tattoo if you are not sure how it will be accepted. It is better to be conservative the first time out instead of coming home with a full sleeve tattoo that might be shunned.

Where to Get It

This is a very serious consideration. There are a lot of great tattoo artist out there that run a clean business, but there are a minority that can mess up your tattoo, over charge you, or scar you for life. Talk to friends about where they got their tattoo. Visit tattoo shops and look at the designs and cleanliness. Talk to the artist and make sure you are comfortable with them and their work. Be wise and research before the ink hits the skin.

How Much?

First Tattoo Ideas Birds ImageHow much for a new tattoo? That varies from shop to shop. Sometimes the artist will throw in discounts if business is slow.  If you think the price is too high, than haggle. This is a service, not a product and sometimes you can get them to bring down the price if you promise more business in the future. Sometimes artists use social media like Facebook to announce specials. Like their page and follow them on Twitter.

Your first tattoo should be an experience of a lifetime. It can be scary, but after you know what it is all about, you can become addicted. Many people will get that tattoo and becomes a part of a life style that lasts a lifetime. Tattoos are not just for sailors and pirates anymore, people of all ages and all walks are life are being inked and using their bodies as a canvas for beautiful artwork. Any journey begins with the first step and that first tattoo is the first step to a new, more attractive you.

First Tattoo Ideas Cupcakes On Feet
First Tattoo Ideas Anchor
First Tattoo Ideas Black Rose On Neck
First Tattoo Ideas Purple Butterfly
First Tattoo Ideas Cherry Blossoms Foot
First Tattoo Ideas Tribal Butterflies Shoulder
First Tattoo Ideas Cherry Blossom Branch Butterflies
First Tattoo Ideas Peacock Feather Birds
First Tattoo Ideas Shooting Stars
First Tattoo Ideas Doll
First Tattoo Ideas Turtles
First Tattoo Ideas Stars Back Of Neck
First Tattoo Ideas Stick Man Running
First Tattoo Ideas 3D Dolphins Hip
First Tattoo Ideas Floral Scene
First Tattoo Ideas Heart Of Stars
First Tattoo Ideas One Step At A Time Foot

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