Fitting Foot Tattoo Ideas

When most people think about tattoos, they think about the arm, chest, or back. The foot is also a canvas for unique and beautiful body art. The foot is often covered, especially if you live in cold climates, but for women, the foot is exposed in sandals and open toes shoes. Women who may shy away from traditional tattoo areas are willing to try a small, tasteful tattoo on their feet. This would allow the tattoo to be visible during social events where the tattoo is more acceptable, and hidden by closed toe shoes during business hours. Most foot tattoos are small and unobtrusive, but there are some foot tattoo ideas that will encompass the entire foot.


Foot Tattoo Ideas ImageThe ankle is a great place to have a small tattoo that can be covered by anything but sandals. The ankle is a sensitive area. If you do not handle pain that well, this might not be a good choice. The idea of a tattoo on the ankle is usually inked in the soft area of skin between the ankle bone, Achilles’ heel, and heel. The skin is delicate, but makes a nice, soft canvas for the artist to work on. The drawback to this kind of tattoo is that this area is sometimes rubbed by shoes. This can cause pain and even a chance for infection as your tattoo heals. The shoe can tear the scab and start bleeding. It is wise to maybe schedule your tattoo where you are off work for a couple of days so your tattoo can heal and you can go without shoes.


There are several foot tattoo ideas for toes. A toe ring tattoo is one of the most popular. The ring tattoo is usually reserved for the hand and fingers where a tattoo ring of either interlaced design or geometrical design is tattooed on the finger just like a real metal ring. This idea transfers to the toes. The tattoo artist can make a specially designed tattoo to encircle one or all of your toes. This is also a little uncomfortable because the needle has to go between the toes and there are some nerve endings there that might cause pain. The artist has to take their time in this region of the body because the bone is close to the skin in some areas.


The heel of the toe can be tattooed, but this is not advisable if you do not take care of your feet properly. Many people have dry skin or callouses on their heel and this would not be a good canvass for the tattoo artist. The ink should go into live skin, not dry. Even if you do take care of your feet, callouses could appear and take away from the aesthetic look of the art. Some would argue that the Achilles’ heel would be a good place, but the nerves here again would cause more pain than what it is worth. It might be wise to do a sensitivity test on your feet so you will know where you are sensitive to pain.


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