Foot Print Tattoos A Popular Choice

Today in almost every tattoo shop, every artist has almost guaranteed, done a foot print tattoo. Foot print tattoos have surged in popularity in the decade to become one of the more commonly done tattoos in a tattoo shop.

Foot print tattoos are used to symbolize a baby or pet. most commonly a baby as a new addition to a family. Sometimes as a memorial tattoo as well.

Foot Print Tattoos ImageThe tattoo can be done in so many ways, ranging from the simple outline to a solid black cartoon looking symbol, to photo realism. I like the look of photo realism and it can even be done in colors or the traditional pink or blue for the the sex of the child.
Some tattoo artist can achieve such a realistic looking foot print that shows all of the details ranging from little creases to all of the shadows and textures of the foot, almost an exact copy of the birth certificate.
I would encourage you to look around and ask to see some of the tattoo artists work in realism or black and gray before choosing an artist.
Another fairly common foot print tattoo is the print of a persons favorite pet. Many people get the dog or cat foot print by using a ink pad and paper to get a realistic looking actual print from the pet. this a great way to show the world your love for your pet. they can be done in all of the above mentioned styles and will make the owner very proud.
Some people also get foot prints to show there culture or love for nature, some get bear foot prints, some a wolf, even the occasional “bigfoot” tattoo foot print.
whatever the reason, wherever the placement, a foot print tattoo will be a great addition to your tattoo collection.

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