Foot Tattoo Ideas

When people think about tattoos, they usually associate them on the arms, legs, or torso.  The foot seems to be forgotten but good foot tattoo ideas are out there. Even if you live in the colder regions of the world, open toed shoes or no shoes time comes around a few times a year. Why not display body art of your feet. The tattoos can be tasteful or sexy, and if a need arises to cover that tattoo for business or other reasons, just put on a pair of shoes or socks. It’s that easy.

Some of the best foot tattoo ideas are those you come up with on your own, but there are several tattoos that have been done that deserve merit. Most foot tattoos are done on the ankle, on top of the foot, the bridge above the ankle, and around toes. Ankle tattoos are a great place to start because you have that visible patch of skin above and below the ankle bone. Since there is not much of a canvas for your artist to work with, you might want to start with a small tattoo.

Foot Tattoo Ideas Sparrow ImageThe tattoo on the ankle can be anything, but most women go with butterflies, a small fairy, or a ring of flowers around the lower part of the ankle. The small tattoos give a hint of sexiness and are great conversation starters. The tattoo can be a single tattoo or combined with other smaller tattoos to create a mosaic affect. The tattoos can display a lot of color to match any of your shoes, pants, shorts, or dresses. In the summer, the ankle is seen more and the color of the tattoo can dictate what kind of clothes your buy and wear.

Foot tattoo ideas on the top of the foot may be a little more challenging. The top of the foot has many bones and when needle hits the bone it can be a little more painful than a tattoo in another location. The top of the foot tattoo can be customized to ink the space between the bones. The bones are horizontal in your foot so you could tattoo tribal stripes in the soft places giving your foot a symmetrical design or you could tattoo anything of length. For example a snake could be tattooed between the bones with the tail wrapping around the ankle, the body going down the length of the foot, and the head entwining around the big toe.

The toes are a perfect canvas for a tattoo. Tattooed rings or bands could encircle the toes and give the foot a little more decoration. Just like with couple tattoos on the fingers, couples could also get tattoos that go on the toes. For these kinds of toe ring tattoos, Celtic designs are the most popular though you can go with Tribal or just a solid color. The larger toes are best for tattooing. The smaller toes would make it hard for the artist to keep a steady hand and keep the needle to the skin.

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