Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

A sleeve tattoo is a tattoo that covers your entire arm from the shoulder to the wrist. The sleeve tattoo is a design for the serious tattoo enthusiast because the entire arm is inked. There should be serious consideration of what is to be tattooed when the sleeve tattoo is decided upon. This is not a get drunk and get tattooed experience. It has to be planned well in advance so that you know which tattoos will go on the sleeve and where they will be placed. Considerations of color, design, and background have to be planned well in advance before the needle hits the skin.

There are several full sleeve tattoo ideas that are stenciled and ready to go, but you should consider your own ideas before you go for the common one’s seen every day. You should want your sleeve tattoo ideas to be original, individual, and unique. This will take some planning and with the right artist, the sleeve tattoo will have all those qualities. Remember that this is a huge undertaking that may be expensive, take several sessions at the tattoo shop, and will be painful in some sessions. With all the sacrifice listed, the end product will be well worth the money and time.

Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas ImageWhen designing your sleeve tattoo, look for an overall theme or pattern. Some people will do a hodgepodge of designs and they do work out, but a plan is always wise or you might get something that looked good at the time but later you will realize it is a mistake. The theme could follow tribal tattoo designs, Celtic designs, or even designs that you can mix and match. Remember that most sleeve tattoos have several smaller tattoos within them that are either intertwined or are set upon a background of solid colors or a intertwining background such as the tribal bands or Celtic knots.

Once the theme is envisioned, start looking for the individual tattoos that are going to be inked. You might want to start at one part of the arm and work your way up or down. You can start at the shoulder or the wrist and start plotting to wear you want each tattoo. You may even want to cut out the size of each tattoo out of paper and tape it on your arm where you want it. This will give you an idea of the pattern, size, and location of each tattoo.

Once you have the individual tattoos placed, you need to think about the back ground. Some people go with a solid color between each tattoo while others choose to have intricate design. Once the individual tattoos are placed, you can talk to your artist about what design or background will go. Color is important! Not only do you want your individual tattoos and background colored distinctively, you should also think about how those colors go together. Some of the most impressive tattoos have colors blended like red and black, or green and blue.

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