Get Creative With Your Small Tattoos

When you first think about getting a tattoo, and it is your first time, you might want to think about a small tattoo. The reason you should get a small tattoo the first time around is so that you can let the entire experience of getting a tattoo sink in before you decide on a bigger design. Sometimes tattoos are grandiose in the mind, but when reality sinks in, tattoos might not be for you. By choosing a smaller tattoo you can see first-hand how the tattoo is created, what you have to go through, and finally how it looks.  Just because the tattoo is small does not mean you can add to it later on. The idea is to put the needle to the skin and start out on what could be a long journey into body art.

The design should be decided first. Most small tattoos can be flowers, a small lady bug, or a simple design like a nautical star or cross. Once you decide what you want for aesthetic reasons, think about what that tattoo should mean to you. Every tattoo should have meaning. This could be because the design relates to you or your life in some way, or it could represent something that you love, lost, or wishing for. The small tattoo design will portray that meaning and also have the distinction of being your first tattoo, so choose wisely. Check out a few tattoo parlors before making that final decision so that the final decision is the right one for you.

Small Tattoo ImageOnce you have found your small tattoo design, find an artist that has a good reputation. You might ask him or her to see their past work. This will allow you to get a sense of what kind of style the artists has, how they blend their colors, and how intricate their work can be. Do not be afraid to ask questions. A reputable artist will be glad to answer any and all of your questions. If they do want to answer questions, move on down the road until you find an artist with full transparency. While you are at the shop make sure that you look around and see how clean that it is. Sanitation is very important in the tattoo industry and the artist should have all the proper tools, sanitation equipment, and other things to make you not only comfortable during your tattoo process, but also safe.

Once you have chosen the artist, make sure that the artist knows exactly what you want. Since this is the first tattoo that you ever had, it will probably be a surprise to find out that it hurts a little. Make sure that the artist is prepared to clean up any bodily fluids that might result from the tattoo. Once you get your small tattoo, and have the procedure of having the tattoo, you may feel more comfortable about the process. This way you can go back in to either expand on the tattoo that you received or you can get a bigger tattoo.

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