Getting the Most Out of Your Favorite Tattoo Phrase

Getting your favorite saying tattooed to your body is a great way to express yourself. There are a great deal of popular phrases and tattoo sayings that people like to get tattooed to their bodies. Some of the most popular phrases include those regarding popular films, television and books. Often when people get a phrase tattooed to their body, it’s something they’ve had in mind for a while. Different cultures all have different phrases that work great as tattoos as well. These phrases could be anything from a couple words to paragraphs in length. Some people who are supportive of their nation go as far as getting the entire National Anthem tattooed to their body. Since tattoos can be reflective of things such as patriotism and beliefs, it’s highly important to consider all of your options when choosing a tattoo.

Selecting the Right Phrase or Saying

Tattoo Sayings ImageThe quote should be personal and relevant to your likes and dislikes. Keep in mind that tattoos stick with you unless you get surgery to have them removed, so think carefully about the kind of phrase you want permanently etched onto your body. Some people like have a religious verse that is meaningful to them tattooed to their body. The quote itself can be uplifting or inspirational. A great way to decide if one of the you’ve selected is going to stick is to think about it and go to sleep. If you wake up the next morning and you still like it, chances are it’s a good saying to go with. The length of the phrase is important as well. Some people prefer to go with shorter phrases that stick, such as “fate fell short”.

Making Sure the Saying Looks Good as a Tattoo

Decide on a proper location for your new tattoo. If it’s going to be in a visible place such as your forearm, make sure you’re willing to let everyone read what it says all of the time. A good neutral place to get a tattoo with a quote on it is the back. Back tattoos get noticed only when you are shirtless, so it’s a great neutral place to have a tattoo. The color, font, spacing and overall design is also important. Your tattoo artist should have a good idea on how to arrange the image to your specifications. The best tattoo sayings and phrases should be enhanced with good font design, color and spacing.

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