Guardian Angel Tattoos: We All Need A Little Help Sometime

No matter how good or safe we think we are, we all need that little angel on our shoulder to guide our morals and to protect us. Guardian angels are believed to be assigned to us by the big guy upstairs and they are supposed to give us a conscious and to question us when have a decision to do right or wrong. Guardian angels tattoos are a great way to recognize the otherwise invisible protector and let the world know that your angel is with you at all times. They will guide your way in danger and keep you out of trouble by keeping you on the right path.

Guardian Angel Tattoos ImageThe choice between good and evil is a hard decision to make. Evil sometimes seems a lot more fun than good. Having guardian angel tattoos on your shoulder or other part of the body will remind you that you should take the path of good. The tattoo itself is a reminder of your morals. Some have put the tattoo of the devil on the opposite side of the body to show the duality of man. This means you can make two choices and whatever choice you make will decide your fate.

Guardian angels tattoos can be actual tattoos of guardian angels or they can be a design that represents protection. This could be any gender. Some prefer tattoos of angels as women, while other prefer tattoos of angels that are men. The actual design of the angel is up to the person getting the tattoo, but gender does have an underlying meaning for some. The male angel is seen as the more masculine angel and is the core of protection. A female guardian angel is more maternal and reminds the wearer of the love and protection their mother once gave them.

So who are these guardian angels? Some people believe that guardian angels are the spirits of their past relatives who will stay on earth to make sure their family members are safe. These spirits will help guide the relative until they pass and join the spirit on the other side. Others believe that guardian angels are real angels that are picked by God to protect you. Whatever the belief, they are considered real by many people.

Remember that if you choose to get guardian angel tattoos, you should choose wisely. Think about the gender, the look, and the reason why you are getting that particular tattoo. You can even modify your guardian angel by placing a sword in their hand and if you are hard core, a guardian angel with a pistol or rifle. Any tattoo can be modified with other tattoos outside the original design. A quote or prayer can be inked underneath the tattoo to get it that personalized, one of a kind design. Another modification is to have a passed relative name underneath the guardian angel to honor the deceased. These angels will be with you for life, so make sure it is the right angel and the right reason you are getting tattooed.

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