Gun Tattoos: A Symbol of Your Beliefs

Tattoos have been apart of body adornment for thousand of years. Since the 1990s, tattoos have exploded in popularity and many new ideas have been created. Gun tattoos are a popular form of expression and can be seen in a variety of designs. Whether it is a revolver, rifle, or assault weapon, the image of a gun can represent a variety of ideas and presentations. Military members have traditionally worn the image of a gun in their tattoos and it has represented either military units or individual combat related jobs associated with guns. The M16 is a popular rifle that is included in the tattoo as well as grenade launchers, .45s, the M60 machine gun and other military grade weapons.

The civilian aspect of gun tattoos are just as varied as the military. Most people like guns. It can show how manly on is or display a love for hunting. The image of a bucks head with cross rifles over the antlers can tell the story that wearer loves deer hunting and wants everyone to know. Recently with anti-gun laws appearing on state’s agendas, First Amendment supporters have had guns inked on their body. A tattoo is like a bumper sticker. It represents the political or social issue view of the wearer. A gun advocate or a hunter would wear the gun to show their true passion toward the issue or the hobby.

Gun Tattoos ImageGun tattoos can be used as the foreground for other types of tattoos. A rifle can be in the foreground of a heart tattoo, a bed of roses, or almost anything that can be imagined. A revolver can be placed into an existing tattoo to give that tattoo an edge. This might even change the meaning of the tattoo. The gun can represent revenge, danger, or a warning. The tattoo of the gun itself will have the viewer question the motive of tattoo and could be a good conversation starter for the person who has the tattoo and the person viewing the tattoo. When picking a tattoo, remember it is a reflection of the person you are and what you want to tell the world.

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