Guy Tattoo Ideas; Warriors, Sleeves, Realistic

Guy Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are an acceptable part of everyday culture where they used to be shown as a something only bikers or bad guys would be wearing.  Guy tattoo ideas can be found in many places and inspiration for a stellar tattoo can come from memories, good and not so good.


Guy Tattoo Ideas Warrior ImageWith a warrior tattoo, there are two choices, male warriors and female warriors. Both represent courage, winning and persistence. Their winning could be for battles of either emotional or physical or a combination of the two. No longer do warrior tattoos merely promote violence. There have been many different tribes of warriors throughout centuries of time that can inspire a strong, colorful tattoo.

The Celtic warriors offer a wide variety of possibilities for meticulous tattoos. They did not wear that much armor, but their long hair, massive swords, javelins, slings and axes give multiple places for fine details.

Guy Tattoo IdeasAnother popular warrior to consider for guy tattoo ideas are the Japanese Samurai. These Medieval warriors of Japan have a history of respect, loyalty, and self-discipline. Their uniforms and helmets are elaborate and detailed making them an awesome choice for a tattoo.

Female warrior tattoos can look great if done right and placed in a strategic location. Women warriors are not only appropriate for women, men have long since had female warrior tattoos drawn on their bodies, too. Men who want to celebrate a woman’s curves and strength often gravitate towards the female warrior tattoos.

A Peek Inside

Guy Tattoo Ideas TribalSeveral of the best tattoos seem to be giving viewers a peek not only in the person’s body, but often their soul. A really good tattoo artist can create a tattoo behind a tattoo. In other words, something that looks as if the skin has been pulled away to reveal what’s inside. Some men opt for realistic insides like bones, veins and blood. Other options are torn skin, revealing newspaper print, a poem or meaningful words, a superhero costume, bionic parts, and so much more.


Men who want more elaborate tattoos gravitate towards tattoo sleeves. A tattoo sleeve allows you to create a full scene rather than a simple, small picture or a moment of life or your memory. Mythical scenes and science fiction style are a good choice for sleeve tattoos. Creating a sleeve from a single story, book, music piece or anything may sound easy, but it requires a lot of planning. A tattoo artist will be able to help you combine the images and words, if you choose to have text, into a beautiful, comprehensible tattoo.


Guy Tattoo IdeasThe choice to have a realistic tattoo or a cartoon style is a personal one. There are some images that can only be expressed through a true representation of whatever the image is. For example, a favorite pet, a new baby, the love of your life, certain architecture and so on. Naturally, the realistic look also depends largely on the tattoo artist’s talent. Many of the tattoo artists specialize in realistic looking ink while others only deal with animated tattoos.

Guy Tattoo Ideas
Guy Tattoo Ideas
Guy Tattoo Ideas Dragon
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