Hawaiian Tattoos; A Symbol To The Surfer

Surf’s up and your board is waxed. You looking good heading out to the break with a short board and a big attitude. Hawaiian surfing is a lifestyle and an attitude. With both, Hawaiian tattoos can accent that lean surfer body.  Tattoos that represent Hawaii are as diverse as they are traditional.

What can be inked that represents Hawaii? The surf board is a traditional Hawaiian tattoos and this tradition can be transferred as body art.  A board, a hot woman, and a coconut tree put together as a mixed design tattoo can bring out the Kalabunga in anyone.

Hawaiian Tattoos ImageAnother Hawaiian tattoo idea is the girl in the grass skirt.  The hula girl is always portrayed as a beautiful Polynesian woman who wears a sea shell bra, a grass skirt, and pooka shells and lays around her neck. It is the classic symbol for the islands and transcends a representation of laid back island life.  This tattoo has adorned the upper arms of sailors for years and now is popular with all genres of people.

Combined with a tattoo of a Ukulele, one can feel the warm tropical breezes and the smell of those tourists covered in oil.

Other Hawaiian tattoos can depict the chain of Hawaiian Islands in a nautical map, a straw hut on the beach, the curl of a wave, or a ring of orchids around the arm, neck or torso. Any of these examples are unisex and will look good on a male or female. They just bring the island spirit to anywhere you go. So grab a Pina Colada and that favorite Hawaiian shirt your wife hates and get a tattoo that shows you are blowing one with a tropical breeze. Say Aloha to the world and get inked today.

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