Homer Simpson Tattoos Show Personality

The Simpson’s have been on the air on Fox for over twenty years and Homer, the father of this dysfunctional family has become one of the most loved characters. Homer is iconic because he acts out what ever man would want to do if not afraid of losing his family, his job, or his sanity. Homer is just Homer. He is beer swigging, Bart choking, and at the end of the day, a lovable guy just trying to do his best. If you are a Homer Simpson fan, why not honor your hero with a Homer Simpson tattoo. Put a little “D,oh!” in your life and sport a tattoo that will bring you memories of the bacon eating, Marge loving, man about Springfield.

Homer Simpson Tattoo ImageThere are several variations of a Homer Simpson tattoo and it is up to your likes, personality, and humor to which one is chosen. Just a simple tattoo of Homer’s head could brighten up a shoulder, ankle, or wrist, but an entire tattoo of the fat man could cover more skin. Homer is not Homer unless he has a beer, scratch off lottery ticket, or a doughnut in his hands, so have the artist ink in these essential accessories with you image of Homer. Be creative and find something from the series that is unique about Homer and have that inked in as well. This could be the radioactive rod in his collar, Homer driving his beat car, or just Homer relaxing on the couch, watching television, with his hands down his pants.

Homer is nothing without his family. If you get a Homer Simpson tattoo, you might want to add Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and the pets, Santa’s Little Helper and Snowball. The entire family on the couch would be a classic tattoo and there are thousands of variations of the couch that starts with something different at the beginning of the show. The family could also be inked in front of the various, iconic buildings in Springfield. They could be tattooed in front of the Quickie Mart, in front of the Comic Book Store, or a perfect location would be Springfield Elementary. With Marge’s blue hair and the charismatic spikes of the kid’s hair, the tattoo will be ablaze with color.

For a really unique Homer Simpson tattoo, forget the family. Have Homer surrounded by his bar buddies or other characters from the show. Characters such as Fat Tony (r.i.p), Krusty the Clown, the Comic Book Guy, or his best friends Lenny and Carl. Again this can be inked in front of a background from the Simpsons. Backgrounds could include the Nuclear Plant, Moe’s Bar, the Springfield Bowling Alley, or in front of the Simpson’s home. No matter where and who you put with Homer, you will have a conversation piece and a tattoo that will let all that see it, know you are a fan of Homer. Just looking down at that lovable slob will give you reason to brighten your day and know that it is not as bad as it could be.

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