Inspiring and Meaningful; Sparrow Tattoos

A tattoo is a commitment that is on the body for life, so having a sparrow tattoo will give great meaning and a beautiful design. A sparrow tattoo meaning dates back to the Egyptian believing that sparrows would catch the souls of those who died. Also it comes from the British origin in the early days of sailing. The sparrow tattoo symbol worn by sailors showed off their sailing experience. This image was usually placed on the neck, hands or chest area to show that the sailor was valuable and had great experience. Traveling great distances in the early days of sailing was seriously difficult and dangerous, so the sparrow showed great meaning and dedication to the sailors that risked there lives in making voyages. A sparrow tattoo was also believed to bring a sailor good luck on all voyages taken, so a lot of sailors when receive the sparrow before leaving dock. The sailors would do this as an act of a talisman and help bring him safely home.

Sparrow Tattoo Meaning ImageA sparrow tattoo meaning also has been said that swallows return to the same location every year so it can nest and mate. This meaning provides a guarantee that the sailor will return safely back home. Another legend on the sparrow tattoo also meant that if a sailor has misfortune by dyeing at sea, the sparrow would carry their soul to heaven. Any ex-sailors of the British navy will have a swallow tattooed on both wrists as a symbol of a successful voyage and honored duty. In the UK the meaning of a sparrow tattoo brings a complete different meaning, that if someone has sparrows on the hands they did time in prison. When inked with the sparrow tattoo on the back of the hand in Glasgow and London it means this fist will fly in street fighting.

In present times, the sparrow tattoo carries many different meanings now from the earlier days. In some cases the sparrow tattoo meaning is used as a memorial design for loved ones who have passed away. The sparrow tattoo can be designed has holding to ends of a banner which is inked with a name, birth and death date of the person being memorialized. Another meaning is when the sparrow is inked with notes or diving toward stars represents freedom, freedom to love and find true love. A sparrow is a unique bird different from most bird, when they find their mate they stay with them till the end of their life. In that reason that is way a sparrow is a symbol of finding true love and symbolizes dedication and trust. A sparrow also represents loyalty, sacrifice and bonding these are some emotions linked to the tattoo. A sparrow tattoo with its beautiful design and manly color choices, it is a great way to express great meaning towards loved ones and even yourself.

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