Italian Tattoos: Not Just For the Jersey Shore

So you have a little Italian in you? Most Italians or those of Italian heritage are proud of their homeland and their Italian American neighborhoods. From John Travolta to Snooki, Italians are a part of American culture. If you are Italian or have some in you, you might want to show some of that nationalistic price and sport an Italian tattoo. Italian tattoos are diverse in design and can represent anything Italian. These tattoos bring the spirit of Italy right on your body and everyone that sees it will be impressed by the bold traditions, sights, and culture of Italy inked on your body.

Italian Tattoos ImageThere are several genres of Italian tattoos. The first is the religion of Italy. Italy is predomintly Roman Catholic and have great respect for the Church and the Pope. The Christian cross is a very popular tattoos as well as the Virgin Mary and even the Pope. The tattoo of one of these symbolized the deep faith in God and the Church. The Italians are proud of their religion and that they are also proud that their country hosts the Vatican. A cross on the forearm or the shoulder adds a serious touch to the person wearing it and will let everyone know your dedication to your religion.

Popular English phrases translated into Italian are also popular Italian tattoos. If you get a tattoo in Italy or elsewhere, make sure the translation of the tattoo is correct. A simple mistake and spelling will turn your beautiful phrase or word into something that can laughed at. For example, pesca means peace. This is a great word that transcends calmness and serenity. A simple misspelling by putting an ‘e’ in the ‘a’ spot can change the meaning. Pesce means fish. This turns your cool Italian word tattoo into something that is funny. The same goes with the Italian word for love, amare. Just accidently switch the ‘e’ to an ‘o’ and you have amaro, or bitter. So make sure spelling is correct.

People who get Italian tattoos also like to get words or phrases in Latin, Italy’s root language. Latin is a dead language except in the Roman Catholic Church and among a few scholars. The letters and the sound of Latin really puts a classy touch on a tattoo. Simple phrases are words with the right font can stand out and become a conversation starter when the tattoo is viewed.

So whether you are Tony Soprano or just some Joe who just has a little Italian in their heritage, Italian tattoos can show the world you are part of the brotherhood. Be proud to be Italian and wear your tattoo with pride also. Italians are known for love and romance. Let your Italian tattoo become a beacon for both ideas. Whether it is the love of your religion, the love of your significant other, or the love of Italy, the tattoo will push that message forward for all to see.  Viva Italia and let the rest of the world be jealous.

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