John Mayers Tattoos Explain His Passion

John Mayer is known as a singer, a producer, and a songwriter.  His first two albums, “Room for Squares,” and “Heavier Things, “went multi-platinum. Though he is known for his music and his commercial salability, his full sleeve tattoos also bring him into the spotlight. John Mayer tattoos are become as popular as the singer himself and many people who love body art copies his designs within a sleeve tattoo. A sleeve tattoo is a larger tattoo or several smaller tattoos that cove the shoulder to the wrist. This design of tattoo is supposed allow the wearer to conceal his or her tattoo when they are at work or at another venue that does not condone the displaying of the tattoo.

John Mayer Tattoos are on his left arm. They run from the shoulder at the clavicle all the way around his arm and to a few inches above the wrist bone. Though the background is mostly tribal in nature with large and thin black lines, there are very colorful flowers that resemble Hawaiian orchids and lilies. The words, “Life” and “Home” are interlaced within the tattoo and the design of a guitar is places within the tribal lines. On his left forearm are three squares about two inches in diameter. The first square, coming from the wrist is blank while the other two have the same flower Hawaiian or Japanese theme. The number 77 is inked on his left breast just about four inches from the nipple and a Koi fish on his inner left bicep.  He also has a tattoo SRV, which stands for one of his musical influences, Stevie Ray Vaughan.

John Mayer Tattoos ImageIf you are a John Mayer fan because you like him, his music, or both, you could have your local tattoo artists copy his designs. Another option is to have his lyrics tattooed on you. Is there as song or a line in a song that really speaks to you? Is it motivational or does it have some emotional tie? This would be a great tattoo to have and you will have a personal connection to that lyric. Lyrics are poetry set to music, and that poetry can be transferred to your body forever in a John Mayer tattoo.

If you are a huge fan of John Mayer you might want to get a full body John Mayer tattoo. This will have the entire image of the singer on your body as a tattoo. This is a good idea for an older fan, but the younger fan should think about how long the singer will be popular. His looks will also change as he ages and the tattoo might not be as relevant as time goes by. If you are younger, it is best to copy his tattoos or to tattoo a lyric of his song. This will still mean the same for most people and will not be so intrusive and time stamped.  John Mayer’s music may stand the test of time, but his popularity and youth may not.

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