Justin Bieber a Tattoo Artist?

What…. you are seeing and hearing it correctly . The Canadian born pop star has tried his hands at tattooing. Justin Bieber was getting his newest tattoo in new york and decided to tattoo the tattoo artist as well. The iconic Prince of pop artist may end up being the next big thing, A celebrity tattoo artist.

An art master piece surely, reminiscent of early Picasso cubism . Well maybe not ,but having a one of a kind tattoo by the Bieber-miester himself is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Justin Bieber Tattoo Artist ImageThe tattoo “swaggy” that was put on the tattoo artists leg is a drawing of Justin’s cartoon alter ego. the tattoo had its good and bad points, the good being that it was very original and you could tell what it was, the down side is that it was rather shaky and inconsistent with the line and thickness.

Imagine what He could have done with a bit of training? He could be a decent tattoo artist .

Well the state of New York requires a tattoo artist to be licensed and the singer could face fines. The tattoo shop could also face fines for having an unlicensed tattoo artist in the shop.This is not the 1st time the tattoo shop has been fined for similar offenses, the shop has let other famous celebrities also do the same and had the state get involved afterwards for breaking the states regulations on tattooing.

Justin Bieber Tattoo Artist ImageWell he isn’t the first famous celebrity to do tattoos and certainly will not be the last, Just imagine if he worked in a shop for a day, the line of young fans flocking to the tattoo shop to get a little tattoo by him. It would be a tattoo shops dream come to reality.

A long line of willing clients willing to pay top dollar for whatever the artist wanted to do. Imagine the pile of cash that would bring to the table?

Who knows, I may even jump in line to get a cool swaggy tattoo.

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