Knotting Up with Celtic Art Tattoos

Celtic Art Tattoo ImageThere has been a revival in the present years with the popularity of Celtic art tattoos. Records of the Celts heritage goes back to ancient Gaelic times. Early Celtic humankind exhibited their skills in composite artwork and a Celtic art tattoo was more than art to them it held a more cryptic representation, an expression of what they believed in, what they personified. All over Ireland, the influence is still evident today using the designs based on Celtic crosses and other Gaelic illustration.

There remains little knowledge of actual tattoo references regarding meaning or intention of designing due to information being handed down verbally to the next generation and not scripted. Although the Celtic cross design and the Celtic art tattoo of knots is very popular. Contemporary Celtic individuals have evolved the symbolizations for themselves, living in different countries they feel a need to adorn Celtic designed tattoos to exhibit their Celtic lineage.

The Irish Illuminated Manuscripts or The Book of Kells is the only written documentation that actually discloses designs found in tapestries, ancient stone etchings, metalwork and pottery with artistic modifications being used in tattoos. This reference represents a much later period in time when the height of Celtic tattoos were common.

Celtic knot designed tattoos normally are loops with no beginning or end, symbolizing the ever enduring cycle of death and rebirth. Celtic animals, or called zoomorphic designs are alike in structure but traditionally lines are ended at the heads, tails, or feet of the design. Lines in purity knots are traditionally endless, unless each line is blended into a spiral or zoomorphic design.

Celtic Knot designed tattoos literal translating of meaning being encountered at a more esoteric level, enriched with religious belief of their gods, family or moralities. The repeated crossing of the physiological and the metaphysical are expressed by a specific form of interlacing knots. The path of never-ending lines constitutes the permanency and the continuation of lifespan, devotion and religious belief. On these grounds, the popularity of Celtic tattoos are unbelievable.

Being of Celtic inheritance, being Irish, Welsh or, Scot acquiring celtic art tattoo is expressing pridefulness in your heritage by affirming a relationship to the indigenous manner of your ascendants. Finding Celtic art for tattoos is easy to find and to design although deciding which one you want, because of the intricacies, can be a challenge. Make sure you find a tattoo artist for an eye for detail for exact line positioning can be crucial to meaning.

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