Latin Word Tattoos Explained

No it is not Hispanic tattoos, but Latin as in the ancient, almost dead language from the Roman Empire. Few people can speak Latin now and it is only used by Academics and a few old timers in the Roman Catholic Church. Recently, Latin word tattoos have gained in popularity. Not only do these tattoos have depth in the lettering, the literal meaning of the phrase or word has deep translation. These are more complex than the simple “E Pluribus Unum” found on the American dollar bill. E Pluribus Unum means from many comes one. This explains the union of the states to make the United States.

Latin Word Tattoos ImageThough hard to pronounce the lettering and font of Latin word tattoos can extrapolate mystery and romance. Here are a few examples and their translation:

1. A romantic saying: Ut Amem Et Foveam (So that I love and cherish),

2. A friendship quote: Nonne Amicus Certus in re Incerta Cernitur   (A friend in need is a friend indeed),

3. Something with humor: Corripe Cervisiam (Seize the beer).

The bold Latin letters bring out a decisive command that provides a wonder and puzzlement. Latin word tattoos are great conversation starters. Most of the wording appears over a dramatic picture that represents what the word of phrasing means. Some are written in a horizontal line while other phrases are written in arches above the picture.

These tattoos are perfectly inked across the back between the shoulders, above the buttocks on the small of the back, or down the lower arm. If smaller font is used, the sayings can go around the wrist or ankle.  Some unique designs have the Latin word in a circle with another tattoo within. This creates a visual that begs the questions, “What does that mean?”

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