Lebron James and the Meaning of Life via Tattoos

Lebron James was born in December of 1984. He plays for the Miami Heat and he is billed as one of the most famous basketball players around. To coincide with his celebrity Lebron James has unleashed his own brand of tattoos. They are known as Lebron James tattoos. So what is so special about these tattoos?

Lebron has so many tattoos that they change with time. In fact, it’s hard to know some of the origins of these Lebron James tattoos. Just when you think that you have most of the meanings down he gets a new one. It’s been this way since day one. One of the most famous of his tattoos rests with the design entitled: Chosen 1. There is a myth going around that he was actually born with this tattoo. It rests on his back. But the truth lies in an issue of Sports Illustrated. Though the myth still resides, there is more evidence to support that he got the tattoo after being chosen for the first page of the magazine. As mentioned in the magazine, he was still in high school playing when he got “chosen” for a professional team.

Lebron James Tattoos ImageHere is an interesting fact: back in high school,he had to cover his tattoos with plasters back in high school. High school regulations prohibited the idea of tattoos being shown in plain, visible sight. So Lebron had to hide all of them. There is one tattoo on his arm that was covered with hair. It later turned into the figure of a lion’s head.

In the NBA championship Lebron has a nickname. He is known as “King James”. And yes, that is also the name of one of the newer translations for the Bible. But that was not the meaning behind it. It was just a Nickname that Lebron had been given by his teammates. Upon this name being given out, Lebron got the name tattooed with the Lion’s head. The name king went to the top and James went to the bottom.

After a good while of playing with in the Championships he got the name “Prince James” tattooed on his body. The name is actually for his son. It was to celebrate his son’s first birthday.

In 2006, James got a brand new tattoo done on his left leg. The words “Witness” became a staple in his life and his body art. The meaning behind it came from an important Nike campaign. This Nike campaign was organized after the play-off-season. And many think that these words are closely attached to it. Another interesting one that comes from the Lebron James tattoos collection refers to the number 330. It is listed on his right forearm. The meaning of this tattoo hold a special significance to him. It refers to the area code of his hometown, a place called Akron. In honor of his second son being born, he got his son’s name displayed prominently on his left forearm.

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