Lebron James Tattoos: The Tattoos behind the Man

Lebron James, known as the King of the NBA, almost has his entire body covered in tattoos. The tattoos are a collection of images that represent who the man is. As he traveled through life and his career, his collection grew to allow him to be the most recognized inked person in the NBA.  His prowess on the court screams for attention, but the tattoos behind the man are sometimes more interesting the man behind the tattoos. Tattoos tells a story, and Lebron James’s tattoos tell the story of a legend.

Lebron James Tattoo ImageHis first Lebron James tattoo was inked when he was still in high school. He got a crowned head of a lion on his right arm. Later on, after receiving the title the King of Basketball, he added more to the tattoo. Lebron saw himself a Lion at a young age. The lion has courage and takes command of a situation. Lebron saw that courage and took command of the court.  His courage and command took him ahead in his career and now the words King James can be seen on the top and bottom of the lion’s head.

Like all good sons, Lebron James got a tattoo in honor of his mother. It simply says, Gloria, his mother’s name. Simple, but to honor one’s mother with a tattoo is a time honored tradition among sailors, soldiers, and other military people. Other tattoos include the word ‘Beast’ encircled with tattooed stars, a tattoo with the words, “Hold my own,” and a large, realistic portrait of his son. He even has a tattoo of his area code, 330 on his right forearm.

Lebron is an illustrated man both on the court and off. Lebron James tattoos tell the story of his life. As with every tattoo, it should have meaning and depth. If you have a liking for tattoos, you might want to follow his example and pick tattoos that reflect your road through life. New jobs, marriage, divorce, children, and dedications to the ones you have loved and the ones you have loss are milestones that should be inked.

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