Leg Tattoos For Men

Tattoos are more than just a piece of art on your body. More often than not, a tattoo becomes part of your identity. This is why choosing a tattoo and it’s placement is a huge part of the process of actually getting a tattoo. Tattoos in visible places are sometimes a point of controversy. What is appropriate? Will it look the way I want it to? Where is the best place to put it? Leg tattoos for men is one controversial example and many men find themselves asking questions and looking for inspiration for their own tattoo plans.

Leg Tattoos For Men ImageLuckily for men, leg tattoos don’t have to get in the way of employment or social acceptability. You can always just cover it up with pants or socks. And generally, men don’t go to work in shorts and tee shirt. So, at least that is one less thing to worry about. However, when you do want to show off your tattoo, there are still other worries to consider. This mostly deals with the design and area on the leg that you want to place the tattoo.

The leg has many viable areas to place a tattoo. There are different sections that are a little less painful to apply ink. The thigh and calf are usually better for people with a lower pain tolerance. The shin and ankle have a high chance of being very painful. This is because these areas are very close to bone, and the closer to bone you are, the more painful the tattoo application becomes.

Another thing men should consider with leg tattoo placement, is how it will actually look. A lot of people worry that a leg tattoo will look too feminine. It is true that many women with nice legs use tattoos to draw attention to them. People also associate a thigh tattoo or an ankle tattoo with sex and women. So, men who are considering placing a tattoo on their leg, should take time to consider the placement and whether it is the right amount of masculinity for them.

Usually, the best way to fight a feminine tattoo is the design. Of course your ankle tattoo is going to look a little girly if it’s a pink butterfly. Put a flaming skull or your favorite band’s logo there, and that feminine charm isn’t so apparent. Design is probably the most important part of planning a leg tattoo. When you decide what you want to place on your leg, think of size and shape. Large or round shapes don’t always work very well for the leg. Consider longer shapes or things that can be wrapped around the leg. Some tribal designs are meant to be placed on the leg or ankle. Men are also taking the idea of tattoo sleeves, where tattoos cover your whole arm in a cohesive design, and working on sleeve pieces for their legs. However, the best thing to remember for leg tattoos for men, is what you want in a tattoo.

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