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Purposes of Tattooing Leg Tattoos/Body Art

Purpose of Tattooing

Leg Tattoos LadyTattooing is a very old art known to mankind since immemorial time. This art has recently become a new fashion statement, it has been done in different regions for different reasons. People sport different kinds of tattoos from their zodiac to birth signs, leg tattoos to arm tattoos. Some people also get religious hymns inked on their body. There is no fast and hard rule for where to get a tattoo done, people generally get tattooed on arms, lower neck and ankles. Some people even get tattooed on their shoulders, hip bones and back.

Purpose of Tattooing In Different Era And For Different People

People used to get different kinds of tattoos since immemorial time, its meaning and purpose were very different from what it is today. Given here are some modern and ancient purposes of tattoo.

Ancient Purpose of Tattoo

Symbols of status and position

Leg Tattoos Tribal KneeThe tattoos were most of the time worn by the people who were blue blooded and their royal heirs. They wore the symbols like rising sun or the emblem of their empire. It was to classify them as people of royal lineage and as a symbol of status and position.

Symbols of religious and spiritual devotion

People at times used to get their spiritual and religious believes engraved on their bodies. There were either the symbolic representations of their deity or some religious quotes or symbols. As the followers of Hinduism used to get ‘Om’, the divine words get engraved on their forehead or arms.

Medal for courage

Leg Tattoos Indian ChiefTattoos were also engraved as a symbolism of courage. Soldiers used to get the tattoos like arches and swords engraved on their hands. There were at times given the royal emblem in the form of tattoo as the medals for courage.


People who were sent on exile or captured as criminals were also tattooed in order to make them bear the brunt of their crime forever in the form of shame. The slaves from various places were also marked with tattoo so that they do not run away.

Modern Purpose of Tattoo

Cosmetic reasons

Leg Tattoos Butterflies FlowersIn present times, leg tattoos are the most in thing in fashion world. People sport a tattoo to exhibit their fashion forwardness and coolness. At times tattoos are also used for hiding skin discolorations.

Sentimental reasons

The Sentimental reasons are the prime reason that people get tattooed apart from being a fashion chic. People often sport the name or zodiac of their beloveds, kids or parents to show the permanency of their love.

Religious reasons

Even today people get tattooed for religious reasons. People who deeply believe in their religious philosophy get the symbols or hymns of their religious belief on their body parts engraved in the form of tattoo.

Identification of particular groups

Leg Tattoos JapanesePeople belonging to same groups also at times get engraved similar kind of tattoos in order to be identified as the members of particular group. This can be mostly seen with members of football teams and musical bands.

Tattooing For Health

Tattoo art is being practiced in India since immemorial times. In different times people had different reasons to get tattooed. In the monarchial era, it was done as the symbolism of royal lineage, medals of courage, as religious symbolism and also as the symbol of shame for the exiles and criminals. People today generally sport a tattoo for the cosmetic, religious and sentimental purposes. In some regions of South East Asia and South Pacific, leg tattoos have also been used for health purposes.

Tattoos For Protection

Leg Tattoos HorrorTattoos in different regions of the world are done for different purposes. There are health purposes, there are cosmetic purposes, there are customary purposes and then most commonly there are cosmetic purposes. Apart from this, in many countries, the tattoos are done for protective purposes. In many cultures tattoos are regarded as the protective amulets. Most of these beliefs have somehow originated from their religious beliefs.

Religious Tattoos

There are enormous reasons for which people get tattooed. These reasons depend upon the religious and customary relief of the people in the region. More or less, all the other reasons like health and protection revolve around the religious beliefs of people and their staunch believe in their deities. Some of these religious beliefs have scientific back up, most of them are done simply due to the extreme faith of the people in this art as well as their religion.

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