Lexicalization of Tattoos With Meaning

Tattoos With Meaning ImageBeing a modernistic form of self-expression, the ancient art of tattooing is reawakened and becoming more popular with every year that goes by. Tattooing has been consecrated since man appeased himself expressing artwork upon a cave wall.

Very few people will acquire tattoos without genuinely having a thought process as to its presence upon their bodies. Ordinarily, most tattoos are tattoos with meaning, a representation of something heartfelt or symbolizing a particular time in one’s life such as a close death requiring commemoration.

At one time, tattooing was cultural by ritual, becoming conventional while appearing a fashion statement but all remain to have a common denominator, they all are tattoos with meaning. An artist’s rendition upon canvas contains a plethora of paragons and ideals but it is altogether different when placed upon the body. Eloquence in words, pictorial representations are thoughtfully considered along with placement upon the body. Some meanings of selected tattoos are so cloistered in privacy that no one but the bearer knows of its existence, too inscrutable for the public to understand.

Others are proudly displayed depicting the horrors or the joys of yesterday’s realities of individual remembrance for others to empathize.

Tattoos are often founded upon unity such as a couple having duplicate tats, but even these will have deep meaning for the couple. Perhaps both may have matching seashells or starfish in remembrance of their seaside honeymoon or both having half a tattoo but placing them side by side creating a full, meaningful pictorial representation of their love. Many are tattoos of war, depicting a unity of a group of warriors or a particular engagement.

Through the years, there have been certain images that have stood the test of time and are still stylish today. Enjoyed by anyone associated by the deep blue sea, anchors are popular meaning safety, hope and deliverance. Butterflies mean beauty, change and permanence or immortality. Cross tattoos have the meaning of love, sacrifice while dragons mean strength, prosperity and power. Eagles mean loyalty and honor and heart tattoos have the meaning of love, friendship and passion. Others are the skull, the phoenix, the lotus, tribal and roses. Within all these divisions, there are as many variations as there are tattoo artists.

Many individuals state seeking tattoos exhibits their fondness to display works of art, exhibiting them as so but if they were honest with themselves choosing the “works of art” has meaning. If anything, it reveals a part of them to others and is still a meaningful statement.

Bottom line is all are tattoos with meaning. An interesting observation is that there is a difference of tattoo positioning in comparison of men and women. Men have the tendency to display tattoos on arms, the upper back and wrists. These areas actually show masculinity and strength. Women on the other hand are inclined to place tattoos on the lower back, wrists, hips, shoulders and ankles. These areas seem to be discrete and less apparent attributing to a woman’s more demulcent side. The next time you gaze upon someone’s tattoo, remember that there is a meaning behind it.

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