Lion Tattoo Designs; A Symbol Of Strength and Courage

The lion is a symbol of bravery and ferocity. Lion tattoo designs also transcend this symbolism as body art. The proud feline’s body makes for a dramatic tattoo that will inspire and entertain. There are many reasons to get a lion tattoo. Perhaps the wearer is a Leo and wants to display their Zodiac sign or they are a warrior and wants to demonstrate their prowess by wearing the tattoo. For any reason, lion tattoo designs are dramatic and are associated with royalty. Many Kings and Queens of Europe adopted the lion as their animal on their coat of arms.

Lion Tattoo Designs ImageThere are some lion tattoo designs that feature Simba from “The Lion King.” Simba is a name that means lion in the African language of Swahili.  Simba, the lion is the son of Sarabi and Mufasa. In the movie or play, Simba eventually becomes the King of the area called Pride Rock. Simba went through a lot of trials and tribulations before he became King and a tattoo of Simba could represent a time in the wearers life where they have overcome trouble. The story of the Lion King also represents the circle of life and the tattoo of Simba can also symbolize the cycle from birth to death.

As mentioned before, the lion has been used in the coat of arms of many famous royalty throughout Europe. A coat of arms is a banner or flag that usually has an animal’s head, a weapon, or other adornment on its field. This coat of arm with the lion design can easily be transferred to a tattoo. Look up the coat of arms on the Internet and print a picture of it. Take it your local tattoo artist and see if he or she has a stencil of it. If not, they can easily copy the coat of arms that you have printed out.

Lion tattoo designs can have the lion placed in many poses. The head of the lion is the most popular, but you can also have the lion pouncing on its prey, standing on a rock, or lying in tall grass. No matter what pose, the lion is majestic and is truly the king of the jungle. Though most want a male lion tattoo, female lioness tattoos are popular among women. This concept is usually portrayed with a lionesses protecting their young.

Leo, the Zodiac sign is also a popular tattoo. Again, Leo the lion symbolizes courage and leadership. The head of the lion shows a majestic command over everything. If the head of the lion is not appealing, you can have the constellation of stars that make of the Lion tattooed. This is also a nice addition if you get the Leo lion. You can have the head of the lion surrounded by constellation. This will help identify the lion tattoo from others. You can also make it unique by having a lioness head tattooed with the Leo lion. This will truly make someone ask about the meaning of the tattoo.

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