Lip Tattoos A Favorite Among Ink Collectors

Lip Tattoo ImageLip tattoos have become a popular tattoo for a true collector of ink. People get words, designs, symbols,names or colorful small works of art done.

A thing to remember about lip tattoos is that the inner mouth healing. Your mouth is a  mucous membrane, so it’s always moist, so that type of skin takes it well, but  skin quickly regenerates there as one of the contributing factors, and may fade over time.
Not all tattoos will fade, the mouth has  acid and chemical present and this could contribute to it fading or staying over time.
I would plan on it fading and requiring a touch up, if you want to get it done, that way you are at least expecting it to fade over time and will not be disappointed when it it fades or disappears.
Lip tattoos can also be a way to get tattooed and keep it private, unlike other tattoos this tattoo will not be visible unless you want it to be. Some people like to avoid the stigma that could be attached to having tattoos yet. but that is their own personal choice and has to be respected.
8 out of 10 lip tattoos that i have seen or done, are normally profanities or something meant to be humorous. They can be a great mood changer or party favor.
Another aspect of getting a inner lip tattoo would be the pain. Most people say that it is not an enjoyable procedure and having the taste of your own blood and pigment in your mouth will create a culinary taste that you will never forget, even if you want too.

Lips will also not scab like other tattoos, and the healing will be much easier then regular tattooing. Avoid spicy or salty foods for a few days(just a little advice, lol…)

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