Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs That Are Rich in Culture and Meaning

Lotus Flower Tattoo ImageSearching for the best design for your next tattoo? Have you ever thought of getting a lotus flower tattoo? Read on to know why it is one of the best tattoo designs that is preferred by millions. Lotus tattoo is a flexible design and has a deep and rich symbolism behind it. It works equally for women and men and can be placed just on any part of the body where you might want to have a tattoo.

What are the benefits of lotus flower tattoo?

Lotus tattoos are preferred by so many people for a number of reasons. First these tattoos can be easily sized according to your preferences and can be placed just anywhere. They also work on hip, calf, leg, or just any other place on either sex. Best thing about lotus tattoo design is that it is full of brilliant colors, which makes it a wonderful design that immediately stands out. Lotus flower tattoo can also be enhanced with water, vines, religious symbols and certain gods. It can be easily sized from a small top of the foot design to really large full back design.

Significance of lotus flower in tattoo design

Every person chooses his or her own tattoo designs and most of the times there is some reasoning behind the choices they make. A lotus design has its own meaning and it all depends upon how on perceives it. Mostly the reason and symbolism for getting tattoo are as individual as those who get them. But this amazing flowery design has symbolic and historical significance behind it, which attracts many people towards it.

Lotus flower can also be compared to butterfly as it represents changes in one’s life. It symbolizes hope and strength during hardships. The movement of this flower depends on the movement of water. If water is flowing eastwards, then lotus will also move in this direction. Irrespective of all the struggles you face in life, you should be confident and strong enough. Lotus signifies strength and t that you should enjoy your life the way it goes.

Additions to a lotus tattoo

If you are interested in getting a large lotus tattoo design, then you can add details to make it beautiful and sophisticated. However, you should choose your additions carefully so that they stay with the theme of your design. For instance, you can ruin your lotus tattoo by adding skull or some mechanical design. Mostly, water works well as a background design element.

You can also add Carp or Koi fish to your lotus flower tattoo design since many lotus flower bloom in koi ponds. If you want, you can also add lily and various other vines to add intricacy to the design. Some people add flowers such as cherry blossoms or peonies to their lotus tattoo design because they work well with the theme and design.

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