Love Hate Tattoo: The Duality of Purpose

The concept of love and hate is akin to good and evil. It is the duality of man that is pictured. There should be a balance between the two emotions because love is as far left as you can go and hate is as far right as you can go. There is so much in-between that could help balance the two emotions. If you have a personality or a relationship that is only one way or the other, then you might want to express that in a love hate tattoo.  This will show the world that you are a person of dual emotions and you express both strongly.

Love Hate Tattoo ImageA popular part of the body for a love hate tattoo is on the knuckles of the fingers. On one hand each letter of love is tattooed on the knuckle and on the other hand, the word hate. There knuckle tattoos provide exposure when the fist is clenched or when it is palms down. The area of the tattoo on the knuckles may not be for everyone because the tattoos are hard to hide if you are at a social function or at your place of employment.

A love hate tattoo can be written in other places that are not so obvious. You can tattoo the words on each of your shoulders, each of your forearms, on either side of your back, or either ankle. This way the tattoo can be covered up should there be need. The tattoo can be combined with other tattoos and the word ‘hate’ and ‘love’ can be interwoven into a sleeve tattoo or a mosaic on one’s back or chest. The words have strong meaning so whatever tattoos they are intertwined with, it will give those other tattoos more meaning and depth.

One of the most famous love hate tattoos are worn by Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller, from the television series, “Sons of Anarchy.” Here the famous biker sports not only the love and hate tattoo, but also a large tattoo of death on his back carrying a sickle and a M16 assault rifle. The words, “Sons of Anarchy” are tattooed above the tattoo of death. The love and hate symbolism can be seen in Jackson’s life. He loves his club and his family, but he hates the crimes they have to commit to stay out of jail and to keep money flowing into the club.

Remember, if you really want a love hate tattoo, then make sure that you are comfortable with where you have it inked. Life changes could make the tattoo a hindrance instead of a piece of body art. On the bright side, the knuckle tattoo could be a conversation starter. The person seeing the tattoo will definitely want to know why there is such emphasis on both words.  The conversation for the duality of man will probably come up, so have a good answer. The meaning behind the tattoo should be as skillfully explained as the love and hate tattoos themselves.

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