Lowrider Tattoos Live On

A lowrider tattoo is a type of tattoo that is done in two colors, which include black and grey. These types of tattoos have a fine line style to them. A lowrider tattoo is a tattoo that has been developed either from the streets or from prisons. It is hard to get tattoos to stand out anymore in today’s world; everyone is getting the same design, style, color, and look. With low-rider tattoos this is not the case, these types of tattoos have shading, pattern, and overall they “pop” out. These types of tattoos can come in different styles and designs, however it is not the design that makes that tattoo stand out, it is how the tattoo is done that makes it unique.

Lowrider Tattoos ImageThere is a variety of different types of lowrider tattoos, but mainly artist tend to enjoy doing the portraits. Lowrider portrait tattoos are very distinct; they have a lot of outlining, along with shadowing. These types of tattoos allow the artist to get the exact description on what the client is looking for. Lowrider tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body, such as; back, arms, stomach, chest, and legs. Some of the best lowrider tattoos include the following; cars, portraits, skulls, wings, flowers, and even names. These tattoos are becoming more and more popular as individuals are learning about them. Some artist will add a little color to their lowrider tattoos such as a red, brown, or yellow, however most artist stick to grey and black. When using grey and black ink only it allows the work of the tattoo to stand out, and individuals will not be distracted by the colors, instead they are able to see the real art and meaning behind it.

When an individual is looking to get a tattoo, they do not want a tattoo that everyone has, instead they want a tattoo that will stand out and have true meaning behind it. This is exactly what lowrider tattoos can do for individuals; they look great and stand out with all of the shading, lining, and shadowing that is done. The color of ink allow artist to add a great deal of details, especially when dealing with portraits.

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