Lung Cancer Tattoos Show Awareness

November is officially known and recognized as lung cancer awareness month. Lung cancer awareness has become universally depicted as a single looped ribbon. This symbol helps to promote awareness of a disease that could afflict anyone. Lung cancer tattoos have become a way to show awareness toward those who are struggling with, have lost, or are survivors of lung cancer. These tattoos bring into light the harsh reality of the damage that can be inflicted by lung cancer and the lives that it has afflicted and forever altered.

Lung Cancer Tattoos ImageAs a tribute to those who have struggled and lost their own battle with lung cancer and in support of lung cancer awareness some men and women choose to get tattoos depicting the symbolic cancer ribbon. This ribbon holds meaning to so many people who have either fought cancer themselves, or know someone who has lost the fight. Many commemorate those who have had a run in with cancer by permanently inking themselves with tattoos. This body art allows people to reflect upon the disease and carry the remembrance of their loved ones with them. Lung cancer tattoos are not limited to the symbolic looped ribbon, but are also able to take the form of other symbolic and individualistic forms. The amazing thing about lung cancer tattoos is their ability to be as intricate and personalized as the person wants or as simple and straightforward as a person desires.

The battle for better care and treatment of cancer patients will never be over until a cure is developed. The single looped ribbon is an outcry to continue to advance and eventually overcome cancer. Immortalizing this ribbon permanently on your body allows you to carry the message of the fight for lung cancer awareness and treatment with you wherever you go. These tattoos are able to serve as a permanent remembrance of how lung cancer has come to affect that person’s life, either directly or indirectly.

Every person holds a different story as to how lung cancer came to affect their lives either directly or through someone they love. Lung cancer has a different impact on each person the disease has affected. Lung cancer awareness tattoos are asked to be placed in a variety of places on the body and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Lung cancer tattoos are able to be very personalized and can reflect each person’s individual story trying to navigate this terrible disease. Some people choose to make their commemoration more public and displayed for the masses to see, while others create a more private memorial on their bodies as a more personal reminder. No matter where the placement or the personalization of the tattoo, each one serves as a silent reminder of the hardships that some have had to endure and the battle to find a cure to this hardship and pain.

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