Matching Tattoo Ideas

A matching tattoo is when to people get the same tattoo. This could be an exact replica of a tattoo or it could be a tattoo that goes with the other in genre or theme. People get matching tattoo for many reasons, but when they do get inked, it is probably because they have a close bond or friendship.

Military Matching Tattoo Ideas

Matching Tattoo Ideas ImageMany people in the military will get matching tattoos to show their loyalty to their unit and to their fellow soldiers. Most military matching tattoos are usually unit insignia. Sometimes a whole platoon or squad will get the tattoo to show fidelity and pride. This is a good idea, but the drawback is that the unit does not always stay together. People get transferred or simply quit the service.

Couple Matching Tattoo Ideas

Some couples that are into tattoos will get a matching tattoo to show that they belong together. This could be a heart or other symbol of love and relationships. Sometimes the matching tattoo will be torn in half where one person will wear on half and the other person will wear the other. When a part, the tattoo will remind them of their loved one and when together, the tattoos are whole and will show the world that they are in love.

Biker Matching TattoosMatching Love Tattoo Ideas Image

Bikers are loyal to their club and sometimes a matching tattoo is even required when they are initiated. The tattoo shows that they are a part of a club or gang and shows their loyalty and commitment to the group. It is almost like a branding iron because you are a part of the gang and when you leave or thrown out, the tattoo is usually burned off. The searing of the tattoo shows that you no longer have any affiliation with the group.

Sports Matching Tattoos

Some people who love their sports or a particular team will get a matching tattoo to show their loyalty for that team. Many people make their circle of friends in a sports bar or club and will get the same tattoo to support the local club. This is common in Europe where soccer fans will get the tattoo of the local team to sport at games or in the clubs. The competition is fierce in European soccer and the tattoo could get you in trouble if you are at the wrong club or in the wrong side of town.

Matching tattoo ideas are fun and if you know you will be with a person or a group of people, it could be a good investment. Even if relationships fade or the group falls apart, you will still have that tattoo to remind you of the good old days and of the fun and camaraderie that you used to have. The tattoo not only says who you are, but it also signifies who you used to be and who you used to be a part of.


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