Meaningful Tattoo Ideas; Relationships, Births, Death & Divorce

When you are looking for a tattoo design, you should look at something that means something to you. Most body art enthusiast has a special meaning behind each tattoo they decide to ink on their body. It could be the remembrance of passed friend, a milestone in life like divorce, marriage, or the birth of a child, or a graduation. Here are some meaningful tattoo ideas that might help you decide when the time comes to go under the needle.


Meaningful Tattoo Ideas ImageWhen you are thinking about your relationships with your significant other or family, they mean something near and dear to you. You want to pick out that tattoo that will memorialize that relationship. Some meaningful tattoo ideas could be a ring tattoo. This simple tattoo takes the place of a ring and mean the same thing as a wedding or friendship ring. You can also have the loved one’s name tattooed by itself or combined with another design to make it stand out.


Some people get tattoos at the birth of their child. This is a huge milestone in life and the tattoo is a shining example of your new addition to your family. A stork carrying a baby could be a meaningful tattoo, or a set of baby rattles.  You could also find a design that shows the meaning of your love four your child. Some people have even had their baby’s foot print tattooed on them because they were so happy about the joyous event.


There comes a time when someone that you love will pass away. This is a hard time in a person’s life and getting a meaningful tattoo to memorialize that person is sometimes the best way to get over grief. Having your mother, father, child, or lost friend’s name or something that represents their life tattooed on you might break the cycle of sorrow.


Yes, people get tattooed to celebrate their divorce. The most common tattoo for this even for a man is a broken chain. This means that they have broken the ball and chain they have been married to. Most women will usually go in two directions. One they will get something pretty to enjoy themselves or they will get a tattoo a little racy because they are back on the market and want to look sexy and fun.

Meaningful tattoo ideas can be different for each person. It is all about perspective. When you are trying to memorialize that event or person, it is what the individual see about that person or even. Another person would have a different perspective and would choose a different tattoo. Before ink goes to skin, really put a lot of thought into what you want to represent.  These ideas also can be very simple or very complex. It is your body. Do what is right for you and what really means something to you. To short cut this process could cause you to regret what you chose in the future.

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