Meanings of the Compass Tattoo

The compass tattoos come in a many different variations and styles. This style of tattoo has been gaining in popularity over the past few years because of its intricate designs and symbolic meaning. Because the compass can be drawn in many different styles and sizes, it is the perfect tattoo for just about any part of the body.

Compass Tattoo ImageToday people are creating variations of the compass tattoo in their ink because they feel the images offer them security and protection from unseen forces. Implementing an hourglass, a watch or a clock into the design of the tattoo are ways the compass design has transformed over the years, but the basic overall appeal is still as popular as ever. Tattoo artist have been taking the compass tattoos to the extreme lately, incorporating the compass in a full sleeve tattoo with full maps of the earth and seas. These tattoos are elaborate and every detail is finely inked into the tattoo.

The anchor is often associated with the compass tattoos because it symbolizes the sailors who first used the compass idea for their own tattoos. Many people still serving in the Marines get anchor tattoos to represent the amount of years they committed to serving the country.

With all the references back to the ancient sailors and their connection to the compass, there are two meanings that represent the majority of people who insist on a compass tattoo. The first meaning is protection and the second is guidance. Many people who have compass tattoos feel that the compass provides them with guidance through life and offering them some sense of direction in their lives. Following your dreams is another meaning for the compass tattoos, whether you are still chasing that dream or have navigated the rough seas and arrived safely at your destination.

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