Military Tattoos Show Patriotism

Military tattoos are important for soldiers and their moral. They help units to become closer comrades and they help to form solidarity, commitment and the willing to sacrifice for their fellow man. There are a variety of tattoos that service men wear to show off their pride for being an American soldier. Here are some of the common types of tattoos that many soldiers display once they join a branch of the service.

Military Tattoos ImageAn eagle tattoo is one of the most common types of military symbols that military personnel use as a tattoo. The eagle’s head and a picture of a full blown eagle are two common types of military tattoos. Two rifles or swords lying across each other with a spread winged eagle soaring above are another popular type of American symbol that is used for popular body art. Army and Marine personnel typically have these types of tattoos. Bulldog tattoos are commonly used by Marines in tattoo art. Bulldogs are the Marine Corps mascot and this is why their typically displayed by soldiers.

Anchors are another popular tattoo symbol that is worn primarily by the Navy and Coast Guard and some Marine units wear them as well. Tattoos of eagles are also used by the Air Force and planes are common as well for soldiers who serve in this branch of the service. Various aircraft from World War II and the modern jet fighters commonly used for tats by members of the air force.

Some soldiers have rifles and dog tags etched into their skin. Various models of the M-16 rifle are popular among soldiers and so are different dog tag designs. Many front line combatants tend to sport tattoos that represent death and skulls, skeletons and even tasteful pictures of demons or devils are sported by these individuals. The Grim Reaper tattoo is another popular type that is worn by front line combatants. The American flag is extremely popular for tats and it is typically worn by most American soldiers that decide to get a tattoo. Bombs are not that popular but some servicemen do in fact sport this type of body art.

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