Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas; Passions, Hobbies, Childhood Memories

There is a special bond between a mother and her daughter. They may fight during the teen years but eventually the relationship becomes tighter as the daughter grows older. One of the best ways to savor that relationship is to get a tattoo together. Below are a few mother daughter tattoo ideas to help you solidify that bond in ink.

Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas; Remembering Childhood

Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas ImageThe bond between mother and daughter is very tight during childhood. Tattoos that remind the pair of the fun they used to have could be a good mother daughter idea. This could be a character from a favorite book or nursery rhyme or a favorite character from a television show you might have watched together. For example, if Peter Pan was the favorite bed time story, then mom could get Pan as a tattoo and the daughter could get Tinker Bell. This themed set of tattoos would bring back memories of when the bond between the two was magical.

Matching Tattoos

Matching tattoos are usually reserved for relationships that will last a lifetime. Matching tattoos are identical tattoos that both the mother and the daughter could share. The tattoo should have meaning of a good time they both remember in their life. This could be the birth of a grandchild, college graduation, or any of the many milestones people share through life. A matching tattoo should be inked by the same artist. This will eliminate differences in style and difference in color caused by different inks.

Small Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas ImageA Shared Lost One

If the mother and daughter has lost someone that they both shared a huge bond with like a father or grandfather, the pair could get tattoos of that person’s name surrounded by a background that would immortalize that person. Tattoos are a grief relief mechanism for some people, and getting the tattoo together would help with that grief and keep the person’s name in memory for a lifetime.

Shared Hobby

Many mothers and daughters usually have a shared hobby sometime in their life. This hobby could be as simple as putting puzzles together or learning how to cook or sew. The tattoo could be a simple piece of that hobby like a puzzle piece tattooed with a little color and flair or a needle and thread to remember those boring sewing lesson.

Matching Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas ImageShared Passion

A mother and daughter might have a shared passion in life. Cars, motorcycles, sports, or even religion could be that shared passion and they can display that exuberance by getting a shared tattoo together. This could be their favorite model of car, Harley tattoos, or even a cross or other religious to show the world that you are proud of your faith.

Sharing a tattoo with a loved one is something that transcends simple “I love you’ or “I miss you’ conversation. Tattoos actually create a mental bond that is wrought with symbolism and meaning. The bond of a mother and daughter should not be broken and the tattoo will make the bond a little tighter.

Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas Flowers Symbol
Mother Daughter Tattoo Saying On Sides
Mother Daughter Tattoo Pinky Promise
Mother Daughter Tattoo Cherry Blossoms
Mother Daughter Tattoo Mom
Mother Daughter Tattoo Love You To The Moon And Back
Mother Daughter Tattoo Prime USA Meat
Mother Daughter Tattoo Symbol Flowers
Mother Daughter Tattoo Stick People Telephone Cord
Mother Daughter Tattoo Elephants In Love
Mother Daughter Tattoo Daisys Symbols
Mother Daughter Tattoo Love Forever
Mother Daughter Tattoo Fairy
Mother Daughter Tattoo Her Daughter
Mother Daughter Tattoo Baby Elephants
Mother Daughter Tattoo Hearts
Mother Daughter Tattoo Hearts Lady Bugs
Mother Daughter Tattoo Silloutette

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