Music Tattoo Ideas; G Clef, Small Notes, Lyrics, Statements, Instruments & Types

Music Tattoo Ideas

Many music tattoo ideas come from the heart, from a memory and a time which has passed, but is forever on your mind. Music is more than the notes and song lyrics, music has meaning and gives life purpose for many of us.

G clef

Music Tattoo IdeasPerhaps one of the most recognizable music notes, even for those who don’t read music, is the G clef, which resembles a large “and” sign. This could be tattooed in the forefront of a traditional staff, the latticework for musical notes, or as a stand alone. From there, the possibilities are endless. Flowers, song lyrics and singing lips could cascade out of ribbons attached to the G clef.

Small Notes

Music Tattoo Ideas Small NoteMusic tattoo ideas such as small music notes, can be placed as a single art on the fingers, toes and near the ears. For example, an eighth note on the index finger, a beam note on the middle finger, a quarter note on the ring finger and whole note on the pinkie finger makes a lovely, yet small statement. Many women opt for a small musical note on their ankle, on the back of their neck or near their ear, just at the hairline.


Music Tattoo Ideas WomanMusic is one thing, but the lyrics are what speaks to most of us. It could be a small passage, a refrain or just a line or statement that pulls at your heart. These are the lyrics that can create the best tattoos, the ones that mean the most to you. The lyrics could be tattooed in a beautiful script text with a few notes along the edges or a much more elaborate style. The latter would take imagination, some planning, and a great tattoo artist.


Music Tattoo Ideas Guitar HandOne of the most popular musical statements is “Music, it’s what sound feels like” and could look great tattooed in a variety of ways. With or without a musical note, this statement could be twisted around a G clef or lightly bouncing through a staff grid with flowers would be ideal for a young lady. Yet other options include headphones, both newer and older, an old 50’s style microphone, perhaps with a song title or lyrics blasting out from the speaker’s other side. Speakers are another idea for capturing your love of all things music.


A strip of piano keys, a guitar or the top of a banjo is all beautiful depictions of musical instruments, which would look awesome in the right spot on a man or woman. The background of a keyboard lends itself to a plethora of ideas such as lyrics, flowers, animals, mythical creatures and other musical instruments, each accompanied with small notes cascading down from the top and sides. Other possibilities are harps, drums, single or a set, flutes and other wind instruments, saxophones and so many others.


Music Tattoo Ideas MusicianThere are several types of music and just as no two people are alike, no two tattoos about music are going to be the same. Country, Rock ‘n Roll, Hip Hop, Rap and anything else out there that is considered music has its own logo or symbol, which translates into a wonderful tribute tattoo.

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