Music Tattoos For Guys

Getting a tattoo can signify a special message or remembering a loved one that is close to your heart. If you want to get a music-themed tattoo for guys, there are plenty of options available to choose from depending on the size you are interested in and whether or not you prefer symbols, words and if you want the tattoo to be completed in color. Music tattoos for guys can include basic treble clefs and music notes to entire lyrical scrawls to fit over a specific body part or an entire side of the body.

Symbolic Music Tattoos

Music Tattoos For Guys ImageGetting a symbol of a music note or a music-related sign allows you to show off your interest and passion for music without the use of words. There are many musical symbols used when writing and playing music in addition to classic music signs which can be created using color or all black ink. You can also get tape decks, cassettes, CDs and entire boomboxes as symbols to share your passion with music. If you are working as a DJ or if you have an interest in mixing and producing music, headphones and a DJ set is another tattoo option that is ideal.


Another way to show your passion for music is to get lyrics tattooed on you that are significant to your life or have meaning that is relevant to you. Having a tattoo of lyrics is a way to share a thought, opinion or message to others that has meaning to you and may influence or affect your everyday life depending on the lyrics you choose to have tattooed when you want music tattoos for guys. Lyric tattoos can be done in traditional fonts and text or in script form to appear more handwritten. Using all black ink is highly recommended if you choose a tattoo that represents musical lyrics you enjoy, especially if you want a tattoo that is legible for all who see it.

Lyrics that strike emotion in your life, allow you to reflect on your past or even have meaning with a friend, family member or significant other are ideal tattoos if you are seeking a way to show your dedication to a person or the meaning of music to you. Because music has a way to influence our lives each day while changing our mood, having lyrics tattooed on you is a permanent way to truly live the way you believe based on the messages you choose to share with others.

Music and Other Graphic Combinations

If you do not solely want to stick to getting a music tattoo, it is possible to get a music tattoo mixed with another image or piece of text that you want as a tattoo when seeking music tattoos for guys. Combining music tattoos with phrases, quotes and even entire murals that you want to have tattooed on you is a great way to show you interest in music without it being the sole purpose for the tattoo.

You can also find inspiration for music tattoos for guys that are ideal for guys by reviewing online communities and galleries dedicated to sharing images and ideas for tattoos. Browsing communities online to compare tattoos is a way to find color schemes, blending options and entire ideas for tattoos that may be of interest to you.

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