Name Tattoo Ideas; Celebrities, Family, Children, Sports & The Deceased

Sometimes when you decide on a tattoo, you might not want a picture or design. Sometimes just a name written and tattooed is enough to remind you of that person or to memorialize that person. You don’t need pictures to remember some one that means something to you, but all you need is the name tattooed to bring back those memories.

Family Name Tattoo Ideas

Name Tattoo Ideas Child ImageFamily names are some of the most popular names that are tattooed. The name of your mother, father, grandfather, or grandmother will be memorialized as long as you live. Sometimes the name tattoo is inked just to show your love for those who has taken care of you and have been there for you. Even if you just ink the first name or their title “Mom”, it will mean something to both you and that family member.

Children Names

A new trend of tattooing your child’s name is starting to evolve. When a man or woman has a baby, the baby’s name will be tattooed on both or one of the parents. This shows what a huge life event the birth was. As the baby grows up, you can talk to them about how special they are. So special that you had their name tattooed so that they will be with you forever.

Sport Team Names

Name Tattoo Ideas StencilIf you are a sport’s enthusiast, then tattooing the name of your favorite sports team on your body will show the true fan that you are. You really have to love a team to put their name on your body and you have to have the loyalty to stay with that team even if they are going through a bad season. When people see the tattoo, they know you will be a hard core fan and will respect that loyalty.

Celebrity Names

Name Tattoo Ideas DanielIf you are a fan of a band, musician, or actor, then you might want to have the celebrities or band’s name tattooed on you. This shows undying loyalty to that person or band and if you use some unique fonts, you would have a very distinct tattoo that is individual just to you. Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, and Jimmy Hendrix are all names of famous people who have died and people memorialize them by having their name in ink.

The Deceased

The grieving process is hard and getting a tattoo of the deceased is sometimes apart of the grieving process. There is a growing trend of seniors getting the first tattoo well after sixty when their spouse or life partner passes. Not only does this memorialize the person who has passed, it gives the wearer something to remember the dead and at the same time have a tattoo that they will take to the grave with them.

There are many name tattoo ideas and the reason you write the name or tattoo the name is up to you. The reasons can be varied, but once you have tattooed that name on yourself, you will have a little of the spirit of the person with you always.

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