Native American Tattoos: Show the Pride of the Indigenous People

Native American tattoos are become very popular because of the deep history and proud tradition of the indigenous people they represent. Some people will choose these types of tattoos because they look good without knowing the meaning of the symbols. If one is interested in a tattoo of this nature, look into the history and story behind the tattoo. Some have deep meanings that are both spiritual and personal in nature. It would be unwise to get any tattoo without knowing its symbolism, but this is especially true for Native American tattoos or any tattoos that are tribal in nature.

Native American Tattoos ImageMost Native American tattoos are designed with the ideas of nature and Mother Earth. The earth is sacred to Native Americans and many tribes believe that we are on this planet to protect it. The tattoos are depicted as the creatures of the forest or the birds in the sky. The eagle is held sacred to the natives and many wear the eagle as a symbol of freedom and flight. The eagle feather itself makes a great tattoo that shows that you have earned honor in battle or that you have passed the ceremony of rite of passage of manhood. The eagle itself stands for courage and superiority over other creatures.

Tattoos are way that American natives express themselves and show what they believe in. The tattoo is a symbol, but it is also a way to adorn the body. The natives used tattoos as one would wear a ring or a necklace. Both men and women can wear Native American tattoos, but native women shied away from animal tattoos because they were thought to be only for the men to wear. Also, women were a strong source of power in the eyes of the tribe and the animal tattoo on her body might affect the way the woman gave birth, hunting, or a chance of not becoming pregnant.

Native American tattoos can also tell the history of one’s life. The series of tattoos can tell of great hunts, a sad loss of a relative, or the marriage of a daughter. Each tattoo means a significant event in the passage of time. The natives were hunters and gatherers so they tattooed themselves with the animals they hunted and the food they gathered. The buffalo tattoo had great esteem because the buffalo was not only a primary source of food, but also for clothing. There was nothing wasted when the natives killed the buffalo and it was revered as a sacred animal.

So if you are thinking about tattoos, look into the history of the tattoo you are getting. It may have more to it than just being really coo. A tattoo is something that you will wear all your life so choose wisely. The Native American tattoo that you pick could stand for something bigger than yourself. Make sure that the artist you choose has the ability to ink it just the way you want it and have the colors of ink that you desire.

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