Native American Tattoos Speak of Heritage and History

Many early American Indians incorporated tattoo art into their culture. In earlier centuries Native Americans used on objects like sharpened bones or rocks to carve tattoos into their skin. Then they would for the tattoo outline with natural dyes or soot. The reasons for people getting these tattoos were many and both men and women would undergo the process. Sometimes men from winning tribes would receive a tattoo to commemorate a conquest or victory. Today, native American tattoos are used to denote pride in a wonderfully rich heritage.

Native American Tattoos ImageNative American tattoos were also often used to identify a certain tribe or region of birth. These tattoos often held mystical significance to those who had them and it was believed these tattoos endowed the wearer with super natural powers. Often a person would get tattoo of an animal whose strength he wanted to simulate.

Tattoos Today

Because tattoos are very popular, some people are choosing them as a way of identifying who they are. This is true for both those people who want to commemorate their Native American heritage and for those that simply admire a certain tribe.

Get the Right Tattoo

If you are Native American and you want the tribal art of your ancestors you should investigate the types of tattoos used by your ancestral tribe. Often a person has chosen the wrong native American symbol for a particular tribe.
On the other hand, if you are just looking for a tattoo that represents native American symbols you might want to choose from interesting eagles, dream catchers, faces or other Native American symbols.

Types of American Indian Tattoos Available

Native American Tattoos ImageTattooing is an art form so there are all kinds of tattoos of this type available. The Native American symbol you get is really dependent on your personal taste and the area of skin you wish to tattoo. Often, you are better off asking the tattoo artist for an opinion. After all, he has the experience and knows how difficult a particular symbol will be.

What about The Cost?

The cost of any native amercian tattoos depends on the size, colors used and difficulty of the design. Before falling in love with a particular design you should pick several designs out and then get a quoted price on each. This can help narrow down your options.

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