Old School Tattoo is Term Used for Traditional Tattooing

Old school tattoo is a term used for traditional tattooing, This is the art of tattooing from the early 1900’s to the 60’s.  This style of tattooing has rose once again in popularity and stemmed many new styles of work including new school and neo traditional tattooing.
Old School Tattoo ImageThe old school tattoo is a more basic tattoo with a strong out line and shading and basic coloring. But doing a good traditional tattoo takes much more then basic skills, it is a style that any mistakes are visible and sometime the simplest tattoos can be the hardest to master.
The imagery of traditional old school tattoos ranges from military tattoos, to hearts and daggers to pin ups and peacocks.
One of the most iconic old school tattoo artist is Sailor Jerry, he has proven himself to the industry and set a bar for modern artists to strive for, Other famous artist include Ed Hardy, Lyle Tuttle, Burt Grimm, Owen Jensen, and so many more that it would take all day to name them all.
This is where tattooing became mainstream, the old school tattoo has paved the way for all of today’s tattoo artists. Many people devote their bodies to old school tattoos because it is such a beautiful and well respected tattoo style. It has stood the test of time and remains a sought after styling for tattoos in today’s society.
Another popular reason for traditional tattooing, is that the images in my opinion will outlast and look better in 20 years then a super detailed tattoo style. This has been proven by countless people that still wear them and most of the old tattoos are still ledge-able and the imagery remains intact.
Old school tattoos may not be for you, but the art work is a very beautiful and the images still are around. Look at Ed hardy and the popularity of the brand that was created, all based old school tattoos.

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