Owl Tattoos, Mythological Ink

Owl Tattoos Image by Tato KinonesOver the years more types of Owls have become endangered species. There is a deep symbolism when it comes to these legendary animals from esoteric myths, native legends, and spread out through many cultures around the world. Owl tattoos have become increasingly popular in today’s culture as well keeping the spirit alive.

Owls can come in many shapes, sizes, and colors with a plethora of meanings. In some native cultures the Owl, is believed to be the protector of night and holder of secrets or wisdom. Some tribes believed that when an owl graces a person with its presence it has a message for the witness. If one were to open their ears to listen they would then decipher its meaning in their heart.

While in some Babylonian religions the Owl represented the god Moloch which they sacrificed a human child to in an open flame. Such a fascinating creature from a magical history this animal hails from. Fused with imagination and arts owl tattoos are amongst the most sought out by ink enthusiasts of out time.

Whatever the reason is for any person to get an owl tattoo doesn’t really matter, because there is so many directions and meanings you can have a great story to tell. Tribal styles along with epic mural themed sleeves Owl inspired vibrant tattoos; can be found all over the media world.

In any case if your looking to get inked without any disappointment in the long run, then getting an Owl tattoos might be the way to go. These mysterious silent nocturnal hunters are graceful and skill full. No matter where an Owl is placed on the body it is sure to be a great addition to the already established works of art one may have.

Remember if you have Owl tattoos or are aspiring to get some keep in mind the strength and magic the owl holds in its spirit. The ability to see through deception and dig up the truths of the situation. Wisdom comes with great observance and the Owl reminds us all of this quality we as humans posses.

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