Pisces Tattoos Is A Vast Compilation Of Artistic Creativity Utilizing Unique Tattooing Styles

The unique styles of tattooing can be reflected through the creative images of Pisces tattoos. Let’s have a discussion about fish, not about catching, cleaning, and cooking them, but about the imagery of tattoos reflecting the universal adopted styles of tattooing through depictions of fish. One type of specific fish that are inked a lot on human canvases in numerous ways by tattoo artisans are the dual fish Pisces. The adopted tattooing style are fine line and gray aka gray wash, old school /traditional, new school, lettering, color, ancient/ tribal, bio mechanical and Japanese/Asian. The tattooing styles will be talked about using descriptions which are perspective representations of the actual tattoo viewing.

Picses Tattoos ImageCertain styles listed above will accompany descriptions of viewed Pisces tattoos. The viewing consisted of internet pictures of human canvases and art. The tattooing style of fine line and gray wash is the utilization of gray and black tones to reveal cast and shadow with various types of needles to achieve a photographic like tattoo. Visualize a male’s upper arm with a side view of dual crescent scales fish, with fancy head dresses and flowing fan like fins, big eyes, wide mouths, and on top of one another. Facing in the opposite direction while resting their heads on top of each others tails.

Other types of Pisces tattoos that reflect these styles are ancient/ tribal and old school/ traditional. Ancient/ tribal style is a connection of flat and graphic patterns which are distinct, intricate, and done solely in black. A depiction of this was tattoo art of two black fish with heads towards tails positioned to form an open circle,and are close enough for the bodies to form an s shape in the center of the two. The style of old school/ traditional is a western design utilizing black, color and skin. Picture a back with two parallel black thickly out lined fish with the majority of their bodies using human skin as color, facing opposite directions surrounded by blue water. The fish had an H shape Pisces symbol on top of them.

Pisces Tattoos can reflect other styles, or combinations of them. Color, new school, and Japanese/ Asian styles are all styles which can be used by tattoo artisans to put beauty, dimension, and personalization in creating tattoos. Pisces represent myths, zodiac, self- association , and tattooing expressions.

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